Want to be an Alfred?

That's great. You must have top-notch driving skills, be courteous and professional at all times. You must also be knowledgeable of the city streets, sights, restaurants, clubs, microbrews, bars and you name it. To be an Alfred isn't just driving, it's also being a city guide. If a customer wants to know the hot spots, you can take 'em there. If they just want a safe, professional ride from one destination to the next, you can get them there safe and secure. You'll have the opportunity to chauffeur rides for both business and pleasure. Use the link below and submit your resume:

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Our Alfred App for Drivers

You'll use our proprietary reservation system to view and mange upcoming reservations, and communicate with customers.

A Taste of What's Possible

We offer competitive compensation and upward mobility within our organization. With our proprietary scheduling technology you'll be able to manage a weekly schedule or work extra hours at a moment's notice.